Rules and Conditions of Registration

1. Accepting the rules of Dar Al-Ilm:
- The student must be between 17 and 23 years of age.
- Students must have finished 9 years of institutional schooling.
- Students must not belong to or be affiliated with any political or religious party and not join any throughout the duration of stay.
- Students must study in the ‘Hawza’ full-time and not have any employment in the public or private sector.
- Students must agree to the terms and conditions of the Al-Khoei Institute.
- Students must provide a reference letter from a representative of a marjaʿ in Najaf.
- Students must provide official identity papers along with a photograph.
- Students must complete the registration form.
- Students must attend and pass an interview.
- Accepting the terms and conditions of the dormitory (residence).

2. Filling the registration form:
- Students undertake to enter valid data.

3. Submission of documents:
- A recent photograph.
- A copy of the last certificate of education.
- A copy of personal identity document or passport.
- A copy of the reference letter from a representative of a marjaʿ in Najaf.

4. In-person interview:
- Students’ forms and documents will have been collected by the Registrar’s office.
- Students will be notified of the time of the in-person interview via e-mail.
- Students will receive a student number which they can use to communicate with us.

5 - Acceptance of the dormitory:
- After accepting the terms and conditions for residency, students will receive the final acceptance into the institute.

- Present proof of Covid-19 vaccination or administration of the vaccine upon arrival in Iraq.